Giant whale-eating whale discovered

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“The massive skull and jaw of a 13-million-year-old sperm whale has been discovered eroding from the windblown sands of a coastal desert of Peru…The giant 3-meter (10-foot) skull … was found with teeth in its top and bottom jaws up to 36 centimeters (14 inches) long.

Living sperm whales have teeth only in their lower jaws and are specialized to feed on giant squid, Lambert explained. They suck down squid like large spaghetti noodles rather than catch the prey with their teeth. The much toothier fossil sperm whales, however, may have eaten more like a outsized-orca, or killer whale: chomping great big bites out of its prey.”

How awesome is this? In our dreams, this whale-eating-whale still exists and is out there, eating whales as I type!!

Welcome to Anti Whale dot org!

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We hope to enlighten you to the true issues behind whales. These evil, overgrown mammals have taken over the seas of humankind, and have made suckers out of many of you as a shield for money hungry, overly political eco terrorists!

Voyage of the Mimi left many young people damaged for years. Some turned to drugs, others to alcohol, and a percentage turned to whalerage. Join our forces, spread the word, and end the Order of the Cetaceans!