Great White Shark Devoured A Whale In Front Of A Boat Full Of Tourists

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This brings me so much joy. Here is the source article with all the details.

Orcas Hunting down and EATING a whale!

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Yo – Orcas are DOLPHINS… ok yeah, they are considered ‘toothed whales’ and are part of the dolphin family. They get a pass from me because they do not incorporate all the disgusting features that whales do that incite whale rage. And they KILL WHALES. BLESS THEE, ORCAS

Praise the Anti-Whale God! 650 Beached, over Half Dead in New Zealand!

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While sitting here in America, thinking that dark times are looming ahead with an angry cheeto for a president, a ray of light cut through the clouds and granted this American a happy day! Over 650 pilot whales have beached themselves upon a remote shore in New Zealand, and over half are already dead.

I wish I as there, so I could kick the carcass of each and every one of them.

Before you start to feel bad for these morons, note that “Pilot whales are notorious for stranding themselves on beaches, and are among the most common cetacean stranders” (source). Cuz they are a bunch of stupid lemmings and if one goes, the rest go.

Can you believe that the humans are making a’human chain’ to keep these assholes from stranding? Eff that. Carve ’em up, make some whale stew.

I wish this was me. While tagging one of the whales with some spray paint. I’d write

A Whale of a Time

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Appropriate Meme

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Best Anti Whale Movie Ever??

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Also, this movie provides a more accurate depiction of whales. I hope it provokes a new generation of whale haters.

Where to eat whale in Japan

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whale meatJapan, a civilized country, has whale meat available aplenty. A dear friend of mine shared this link on where to dine on whale in Japan.

I hope to go to Japan next year and sample some of this delicacy myself. I’ve had canned whale before, but it wasn’t very tasty.

I am also going to Iceland in November and hope to eat some whale while there!!

Whale Falls – the only use for a whale

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Whale Falls are the ecosystem that builds around a whale’s corpse at the bottom of the ocean.

They are pretty awesome. My local aquarium (Aquarium of the Pacific) has a replica of a whale fall. It’s my favorite exhibit. Ever.

Monterey Bay aquarium posted this great video about some really cool worms. Called Osedax. Which is latin for BONE DEVOURER. I mean… wow, right??? Hard core!!

Photomontage of the whale fall in Monterey Canyon, as it appeared in February 2002, soon after its discovery. Note the large numbers of red worms carpeting its body. The small pink animals in the foreground are scavenging sea cucumbers.

Photomontage of the whale fall in Monterey Canyon, as it appeared in February 2002, soon after its discovery. Note the large numbers of red worms carpeting its body. The small pink animals in the foreground are scavenging sea cucumbers.

Here is the official ‘blurb’ and video: “Little red worms grow in thick carpet all over the bones of a dead whale on the deep seafloor. These worms, called Osedax, Latin for bone devourer, have no mouth or guts, but they do have roots that penetrate the bones and branch into the marrow cavity. Bacteria living in the roots digest fats and protein from bone marrow.”

Yay NorCal! Fifth Dead Whale In 3 Weeks Washes Ashore NorCal Beach

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Not sure what’s up with NorCal, but it makes me appreciate the northern part of this state oh so much more than the southern part. Los Angeles, you are way behind on beached whales. Get on that!
The best part? The beached whale is a HUMPBACK. On my list of least to most hated whales, Humpback are at the top of MOST HATED.
Also, this is a female humpback. So one less whale to pump out baby whales.

Here is the article with all the information

Damn, check out this beached whale list:

  • The 32 foot long humpback, with 4 broken bones and hemorrhaging
  • 48 foot male sperm whale
  • 25 foot killer whale
  • Two grey whales
  • Another 40 foot grey whale
  • 23 foot yearling (with killer whales teeth marks – GO KILLER WHALES!)

Even killer whales hate other whales. Killer Whales are my LEAST hated whale. SO they can die out last.

So based on that alone, there was at least 200 feet of WHALE beached. Disgusting. Think about all that whale in the ocean, just whaling around. /shudder

Dead Whale Graffiti

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I’m so excited that a local gang tagged up a dead whale carcass. So freakin’ awesome. Apparently this is around Mori Point.

While trying to find more details, I also found this article with a whale carcass that got spraypainted with gang graffiti.

This warms my heart, and fills me with a bit of envy. I need to find a dead whale and carve ‘’ into it.