Praise the Anti-Whale God! 650 Beached, over Half Dead in New Zealand!

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While sitting here in America, thinking that dark times are looming ahead with an angry cheeto for a president, a ray of light cut through the clouds and granted this American a happy day! Over 650 pilot whales have beached themselves upon a remote shore in New Zealand, and over half are already dead.

I wish I as there, so I could kick the carcass of each and every one of them.

Before you start to feel bad for these morons, note that “Pilot whales are notorious for stranding themselves on beaches, and are among the most common cetacean stranders” (source). Cuz they are a bunch of stupid lemmings and if one goes, the rest go.

Can you believe that the humans are making a’human chain’ to keep these assholes from stranding? Eff that. Carve ’em up, make some whale stew.

I wish this was me. While tagging one of the whales with some spray paint. I’d write

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