Great White Shark Devoured A Whale In Front Of A Boat Full Of Tourists

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This brings me so much joy. Here is the source article with all the details.

Whale Drags Snorkeler to her (almost) death!

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Granted, why the hell would you think it’s OK to swim around giant beasts in the ocean is beyond me. That’s like walking up to a wild herd of elephants and being like ‘oh hi, let me ride you and stuff’. Stupid human is stupid.

Seagulls Attacking Whales

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Seagulls have joined the AntiWhale Army and are out attacking whales!

“hat began as bizarre bird behavior has turned into something out of a horror film for threatened whales in Argentina, where seagulls have learned that pecking at the whales’ backs can get them a regular seafood dinner.
Seagull attacks on southern right whales have become so common now that authorities are planning to shoot the gulls in hopes of reducing their population.”