Japan court convicts anti-whaling activist

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Finally! Japan convicts an anti whaling activist for throwing rancid butter at Japanese whalers.

Dang, maybe he should have refrigerated that butter and used it to braise some fish for eatin’. I bet whale tastes good with butter. Everything tastes good with butter!

Also, the article notes that ” Japan has said the leader of Sea Shepherd, Canadian citizen Paul Watson, 59, is now on an Interpol wanted list for allegedly ordering Bethune’s actions as part of the group’s disruption of Japanese whaling in the Antarctic.” Fierce.

One Comment on “Japan court convicts anti-whaling activist”

  1. 1 MM said at 11:08 pm on July 8th, 2010:

    This is ridiculous really, I cant decide if this is a joke? A disgusting joke but, I really cant even believe that someone would be quite as ignorant as this?

    what a farse.

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