Where to eat whale in Japan

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whale meatJapan, a civilized country, has whale meat available aplenty. A dear friend of mine shared this link on where to dine on whale in Japan.

I hope to go to Japan next year and sample some of this delicacy myself. I’ve had canned whale before, but it wasn’t very tasty.

I am also going to Iceland in November and hope to eat some whale while there!!

Dah Fuq?? Japan accepts court ban on Antarctic whaling!

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Apparently the International Court of “Justice” has decided to tell Japan they can’t hunt whales anymore in the Antarctic. Who gives a shit if it was for ‘medical research’ OR commercial endeavors? It’s Japan’s business if they want to hunt whales.

Guess what? Not every goddamn whale is on the extinction list, OK? Stupid Minke Whales are on the NOT AT RISK list, and there are over half a million of those fuckers in OUR seas!

I’m so sorry, Japan, that Australia got all hoity toity on you and totally imposed their BS cultural norms on yah. 🙁

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It’s Dolphin Hunting Season!

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dang, waters runnin red with the blood of dolphiiiin

Apparently it’s dolphin huntin’ season for a town in Japan! “Every year, fishermen in Taiji herd about 2,000 dolphins into a secluded bay, select several dozen for sale to aquariums and marine parks and harpoon the rest for meat, a practice long deplored by animal rights activists…
“I have no idea what the foreigners’ intentions are, but there is nothing unusual going on in the town. Our stance remains the same. The town will continue hunting dolphins no matter what they say,” said the official.” ”

Japan court convicts anti-whaling activist

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Finally! Japan convicts an anti whaling activist for throwing rancid butter at Japanese whalers.

Dang, maybe he should have refrigerated that butter and used it to braise some fish for eatin’. I bet whale tastes good with butter. Everything tastes good with butter!

Also, the article notes that ” Japan has said the leader of Sea Shepherd, Canadian citizen Paul Watson, 59, is now on an Interpol wanted list for allegedly ordering Bethune’s actions as part of the group’s disruption of Japanese whaling in the Antarctic.” Fierce.