Asshole thinks it’s great to have dead whale on beach

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So the aforementioned town that got stuck with dead whale carcasses has an update.

A museum in Canada might take those nasty ass bodies. Don’t forget, blue whales are the largest, nastiest of all the whales and these fuckers are getting all bloated, rotting and extra stank and might explode, too (see prior post for bloated body pic).
Check this dumb ass quote out: “I think now people are beginning to realize that how often does a blue whale wash up on your beach? It’s pretty awesome to have it there,” said Parsons”.
No, no it’s NOT awesome to have a huge, bloating, rotting baleen mutherfukker carcass or two on your beach, bitch.

And why the fuck do you need a permit to move a dead whale carcass!? WHAT? Psh.

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