Dead Whale Graffiti

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I’m so excited that a local gang tagged up a dead whale carcass. So freakin’ awesome. Apparently this is around Mori Point.

While trying to find more details, I also found this article with a whale carcass that got spraypainted with gang graffiti.

This warms my heart, and fills me with a bit of envy. I need to find a dead whale and carve ‘’ into it.

To blow up or not blow up a whale carcass

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Stupid ass whale carcass is hogging up some beach front. Oregon has already shown that you shouldn’t blow up a whale – it doesn’t work out so well.
Whales are SO disgusting that even other sea critters won’t eat their nasty ass carcass. If all whales went away, we wouldn’t have this problem anymore 🙂

stupid whale carcass

Full Story:
“It’s that time of year again—a dead whale has washed ashore, and officials aren’t sure what to do with the rotting carcass because there’s a possibility that it could explode.

The 15 tonne, severely bloated and slightly decayed animal graced the shores of Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer, near Montpellier, France, earlier this month. Having closed off the beach to the public, French authorities are now trying to come up with a plan of action for the rotting whale.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether disposing of the animal by land or by sea would be best, but one idea that’s been thrown out there is to drag the carcass out to sea and then blow it up with dynamite. However, this is hindered by the fact that boats can’t get close enough to the whale due to the presence of sand banks, The Local reports. Another master plan is to chop it up into little bits and then dispose of the chunks elsewhere, but we all know what happens when we start jabbing things into dead whales:
Dead whales can explode because of a build-up of pressure that results from the accumulation of gases inside the body. These gases, which include methane and carbon dioxide, come from the putrefaction and fermentation of the animal’s tissues after death. Often, the pressure gets released through natural weak points such as the mouth or anus, but a bite from a hungry shark or the knife of a curious marine biologist would also do it.

It is possible to relieve the pressure in a controlled manner with gentle incisions, but this can go horribly wrong if they penetrate too far. One unlucky person learned this the hard way, and ended up being flung into the air with the animal’s exploding guts. However, the person was standing on top of it, which was probably not the most sensible thing to do. “

Asshole thinks it’s great to have dead whale on beach

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So the aforementioned town that got stuck with dead whale carcasses has an update.

A museum in Canada might take those nasty ass bodies. Don’t forget, blue whales are the largest, nastiest of all the whales and these fuckers are getting all bloated, rotting and extra stank and might explode, too (see prior post for bloated body pic).
Check this dumb ass quote out: “I think now people are beginning to realize that how often does a blue whale wash up on your beach? It’s pretty awesome to have it there,” said Parsons”.
No, no it’s NOT awesome to have a huge, bloating, rotting baleen mutherfukker carcass or two on your beach, bitch.

And why the fuck do you need a permit to move a dead whale carcass!? WHAT? Psh.

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Even dead, whales still suck!!

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A stupid whale was SO stupid, that instead of sinking to the bottom of the ocean to complete the circle of life after it dead, it’s stupid body washed ashore and is now terrorizing a local sea side community in Newfoundland.

Bad enough it’s stank ass is rotting away on the beach, but it’s swelling and bloating. On top of it’s stinky, air polluting carcass, it’ll cost the town a lot of money to either haul it back out to sea or bury it.

I love how half the comments are about shooting the dead whale body to release the gas that is causing it to bloat!!